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Law was designed to be a field of service.  Attorneys came to your home and helped your family navigate the complex legal world so you could make sound legal decisions based on goals and family circumstances.  Unfortunately, most law firms have moved away from the advisor role and become impersonal businesses with conference rooms, marble tile and lots of billable hours.


My business model is different.


I want my role as an attorney to be a "trusted family advisor."  I come to you whether you're at home, at work, or even in a hospital or nursing home.   I don't charge for small phone calls or taking the time to make sure you understand your options and documents that I draft.  I offer flat rate billing for most estate planning and tax matters so you know what you will pay up front. Oh, it's still a business but it's a different kind of business.  I think you'll like it. 


Specializing in Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, Business Entities and Tax Planning Matters


Kris Ann 



at Law



Estate Planning​

Wills, Trusts, Health Care Proxy/Living Will,

Powers of Attorney, Pet Trusts, Special Needs Trusts


Corporations, LLC, Partnerships, Business Entity Formation, Wrap-ups, Contract Drafting/Review


Federal and State, Individual, Small Business, Estates, Property Tax Matters


Estates, Determination of Heirs, Conservator, Guardianships, Unclaimed Property

Real Estate

Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Land Contracts, Review of Purchase Agreements and Closing Paperwork, 


**Coming Soon- Patents/Trademarks

I wasn't a typical law school student who "always wanted to be a lawyer."  I was a high school and community college teacher.  I taught Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Forensic Science.  I loved my students.  I loved teaching and telling stories.  I loved counseling my students and seeing them grow as learners.  I loved being an inspiration to them and I especially loved learning.  I got my Master's and a Builder's License, National Weather Service Severe Weather Spotter training, PADI Advanced Open Water certificate and National Board Certification.  (After all, my mantra has always been "how hard can it be?")


When my husband graduated from law school, I decided it might be fun to work with him, so maybe I should think about another degree.  After all, he had gotten a full tuition scholarship, I thought "I can do that too!"  So I went back to night school at Michigan State University- Detroit College of Law (~now just Michigan State University College of Law.)  I earned a full tuition scholarship and graduated ranked 2nd in the evening class.  I thought my husband and I would work together and save the world one client at a time. But WAIT!  I decided I wasn't ready to leave teaching.  So for 10+ years, I practiced law in the evenings, weekends and school breaks specializing in tranactional areas of Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, Tax and Business Entity Formation.


But after teaching 25 years  I was faced with a dilemma.  My school district instituted almost a $5,000 pay cut for teachers like me, at the top of our careers. I made the incredibly difficult decision to retire and practice law full time.


With my background in teaching, my primary goal has always been to be able to help clients understand the complicated areas of law.  I love the idea of being an attorney to a whole family and watch the family grow and change.  I pride myself on referrals and personal service.  I travel to clients whether they are at home, an office or even hospitals or assisted living facilities.  I want to be different than the norm.  I'm not scary or super expensive or stuffy.  I offer set fees for most estate planning documents.  I actually return phone calls.  And I truly want my clients to be happy with and understand my work!


To balance my work and life, I only take a limited number of clients a month.  But, if you are in the Ann Arbor area (or with a reasonable distance,) need an attorney who will come to you and like my business model, please call or email.  I'd love to talk to you!  






Kris DeAngelo

Tel: 734-649-0380

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